East County Board of Zoning Adju...
1. Call to Order/Roll Call 2. Open Forum 4. Neighborhood Preservation and Zoning Ordinance Abatement 6. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting - APPROVAL OF BOARD MINUTES ~ March 28, 2013 7.   Consent Calendar ~ There are no items. 8. WENTE BROS/ZOLLINGER, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2010-00076 ~ Application to allow continued operation of a winery and related activities, in an ‘A-CA'      (Agricultural, Cultivated Agriculture) District, located at 3005 Mines Road, Livermore area o 9. AT&T, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2012-00133 ~ Application to allow installation and operation of a telecommunications facility, in an "A" (Agricultural)      District, located at 1901 Isabel Avenue, west side, approximately 0.4 mile north of the inte 10.MULLENAX TR/T-MOBILE WEST/CORTEL-ORNER, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2012-00203 ~ Application to allow continued operation of an existing      telecommunications facility with modifications , in an ‘A' (Agricultural) District, located at 2980 E. Vallec 11.CORBETT/VERIZON/COMPLETE WIRELESS/SCHWARTZ, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2012-00135 ~ To allow continued operation of a telecommunications facility in an      "A" (Agricultural) District, located at 9998 Carroll Road, north side, 0.75 meters east of No 12.KOOPMAN/T-MOBILE/CORTEL LLC-ORNER, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2012-00202 ~ Application to allow continued operation of an existing telecommunications      facility with modifications (remove and replace four (4) panel antennas on pole mounts, in an ‘ 13.CASTLEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB/T-MOBILE WEST-ORNER, CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT, PLN2013-00017 ~ Application to allow continued operation of a telecommunications      facility with modifications (rooftop mounted), in an "A" (Agricultural) District, located at 70 14.Staff Comments & Correspondence 15.Board Announcements, Comments & Reports 16.Adjournment
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